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Special Thanks

Thank You's

Irie Bailey
Irie BaileyDirector of Photography
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True to his namesake, Irie has been a joy to work with since the inception of Firoi Entertainment. He can take a a loose concept and innovate magic in an instant.
Pamela Duez
Pamela DuezPhotographer
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Thank you for capturing our artists through your creative, intricate lens. You bring our artists to life in your photos so we can send them out into the world.
Taylor Cohen
Taylor CohenTech Support - TayCo Virtual
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The Multi Media Queen has been instrumental in creating a vision for Fiori Entertainment on all platforms. Thank you for making peoples' first impression the best impression.
Laferron Miles
Laferron MilesMusic Producer
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Lafaerron was instrumental in the inception and success of Fiori Entertainment's venture into music. His roster is as extensive as it is versatile, bringing something fresh with every new endeavor.
Thank you
Thank youLeandre Fiori, CEO
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To my team who has been there since day one, you are more than just colleagues, you're a part of the Fiori Family. Without all of you, there would be no us. With eternal gratitude,