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A leader uplifts his team
A man constantly trying to be the man is no leader.

Seeing that 2023 is proving to be an explosive year in the entertainment business. Fiori entertainment is looking for top-notch people to join our team.

If you have experience in the entertainment/fashion field, please feel free to submit your resumes.


Fiori entertainment is currently accepting samples from Innovative new writers. We are looking for seasoned screenwriters with stories to tell!

Music Producers

Music maker? Professional sound? Hit us up with some samples. We are interested in partnering industry innovators to collaborate with our current and ever-growing roster.

Personal Assistant

If you have 2+ years of experience, are personable and eloquent, an excellent multitasker, and have a flexible schedule, there may be a career for you within the company! If interested please send us a resume using the link below.

The mark of a true leader is his ability to uplift and make the people around him stronger and better. The man constantly wanting to “be the man” and not let the light shine on his teammates is no leader. The leader understands his gifts and blessings and uses them to help his team realize their fullest potential.