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The Fiori Philosophy

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your
life like most people won’t so that you can
spend the rest of your life like most
people can’t.


The Fiori Manifesto

Fiori Entertainment is an American Film Company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company’s name originates from the founder and CEO Leandre Fiori, who opened the doors of this diversified entertainment conglomerate in 2021.

Although company’s primary focus is to create novel and innovative movie concepts, we cater to all aspects of the entertainment industry. We are a company designed to captivate the minds and imaginations of audiences throughout the world. At Fiori Entertainment, we pride ourselves on being the spark that sets careers ablaze in every avenue of this dynamic industry.


It starts with the script! The script is, and always has been, the foundation of any great film. Let us take your project to the next level by giving it a solid foundation. Whether starting a script from scratch, enhancing with a re-write, or even supervising, we’ve got you covered.

Film Production

Creating a new film? We can help! Our team can assist you with everything from hiring a film crew to finding a cast, and everything in between.


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